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A guide to batteries

Battery Technology

So, you’re looking into battery powered transporters? You know the capacity of what your application requires, but you’re unsure of the battery types and how to decide between the right battery for your transporter. We’re here to answer those questions and help guide you to an informed decision.
Let’s talk batteries.

What Type
Do I Need?
Choosing the right battery means understanding the conditions of your facility. If you're in a ______ facility, lead acid may be right for you.
The Difference?
Lithium Ion may be the more expensive option, but that doesn't mean you should rule it out. Lead Acid is cheaper, but will degrade quicker over team - leading to a battery replacement in your future.
Help Deciding?
Depending on your project's budget and facility's setting and conditions, we will recommend a battery for you. However, if you're set on using a certain type of battery, we'll work with you to meet your needs.
Lithium Ion
Lithium Ion

Lithium ion batteries are the most common chemical make up of batteries that you’ll see used in electric vehicles and other large battery-operated machinery. Maintenance is low, with long lasting operating times and no watering required. The batteries we use last for around 3,000 cycles – meaning there’s no need to worry about the life of your battery for years to come. Though this is more expensive than the other battery options, lithium ion has a lower cost per cycle than, leading to a better investment over time.

Not Sure Which Type You Need?
Contact Us and We'll Help You!
Sealed Lead-Acid
Sealed Lead-Acid

With Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, two factors are often true – they’re a cheaper option and they are used for applications with high-energy use. This means that though the battery may be able to hold and offer more power, though the overall life cycle of the battery may be shorter. However, if initial cost of your project and cheaper replacement of batteries is of high importance to you, SLA batteries are the way to go for you.

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